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Clinical Invasive Ventilator Standards Offered

Effective January 7, 2014, HQAA offers a focused set of standards developed specifically for companies who provide invasive ventilators and clinical support services associated with the provision of that equipment. The standards will be a separate service category (or “module”) and are termed “CLINICAL INVASIVE VENTILATION”. These standards address the requirements of the American Association for Respiratory Care (AARC) Clinical Practice Guidelines, as well as state Respiratory Care practice acts, and other industry standards and best practices.

Having a specific set of standards for these services will give organizations more direction in terms of accreditation requirements and compliance with licensure, law, and regulation. The standards will clarify existing requirements and help organizations understand these requirements as they prepare for accreditation. As with other specialty standards, HQAA will utilize a specialized cadre of surveyors for site visits. These surveyors will be licensed respiratory therapists with extensive experience in clinical invasive ventilation.

If you would like more information on the “CIV” standards and if they apply to your business, call HQAA at 866.909.4722 or email info@hqaa.org.

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